Acceptance Speech — Higher Education Forum and AICAR Business School Best Young Teacher Award

Acceptance Speech

Teacher’s Day Award Function
Mumbai, India

Distinguished dignitaries and dear friends,

Thank you very much for the award.

It feels like a recognition of my endeavors to achieve the benchmark I had set out for myself. This will inspire me to take up new challenges, without compromising on the quality. And at the same time, this will motivate others from our fraternity to perform better and contribute more.

Its been almost 10 years since I decided to leave a lucrative corporate career, and embarked upon this journey of self exploration through academics. During this decade, I have realized that if this is not your journey, it can not be a journey of anyone else; and will never ever be of your students, college or society. I believe that a teacher is one who helps, heals, loves, raises and redeems.

I would like to share an experience of a family with you;

A family of five was enjoying its day at the beach. The children were bathing in the ocean and making castles in the sand, when in the distance a little old lady appeared. Her grey hair was blowing in the wind and her cloths were dirty and ragged. She was muttering something to herself as she picked up things from the beach and put them into a bag.

The parents called the children to their side and told them to stay away from the old lady. As she passed by, bending down every now and then to pick things up, she smiled at the family. But her greeting wasn’t returned.

Many weeks later they learnt that the little old lady had made it her lifelong crusade to pick up bits of glass from the beach so children wouldn’t cut their feet.

Somehow I couldn’t resist myself relating this old lady’s act with that of a real teacher’s. Don’t you find parallels in what she is doing and what we, teachers should be doing?

Thank you very much.

Hardik Vachhrajani


Hardik Vachhrajani to receive award for ‘Outstanding contribution to the profession of teaching as a Young Teacher’

Higher Education Forum ( is the community of individuals & practitioners of higher education in India. The journey started about two years ago through Google group and today with more than 3,500 members, it is the largest such on-line community in India. The motto of the group is singular: to help development of an Indian higher education system that is world class in terms of quality & excellence. The forum has also been incorporated as a Trust.

One of the important activities undertaken by the HEF is to recognize & felicitate some of the teachers of higher education on 5th September each year on the occasion of the teachers’ day. The objective is to show our gratitude to some of the respected teachers. The first such function was organized on 5th September, 2010.

HEF awards committee through the process of nomination / identification has recognized Dr. Hardik Vachhrajani as one of the awardees this year (2011) for outstanding contribution to the profession of teaching as a Young Teacher. This award is sponsored by AICAR Business School (

The award would be presented on 05/September/2011 at H R College of Commerce & Economics, Churchgate, Mumbai, India. The function will be attended by higher education dignitaries from across the country and beyond.


CfP for ‘An Anthology on Quality in Higher Education’ (Ed. : Dr. Hardik Vachhrajani)


I have teamed up with India’s leading publisher, Shree Niwas Publications, to edit a unique ISBN book on quality in higher education which would highlight contemporary discourses in the domain of quality in higher education. The book titled ‘An Anthology on Quality in Higher Education’ would be an inimitable collection of finest, unpublished, referred articles in the domain.

As someone who holds strong expertise in the domain, I feel privileged to invite you to contribute your unpublished article/paper in the domain for the anthology*. Your contribution should be – of less than 3000 words, – should be accompanied by an abstract of 250 words – your brief profile in less than 200 words and – a high resolution photograph.

All contributing authors would receive one free copy of the book along with special offer on additional purchase of the book. Profile of all authors would be published in the book.

Deadline for submission is kept as 10/June/2011.

You can send your contributions to my e-mail ID Do not hesitate to contact me for any clarifications.

Looking forward to seeing your work in ‘An Anthology on Quality in Higher Education’

* All submissions would be reviewed. Editor holds right to reject any submission at any stage