Select Publications / Industry magazine publications / Presentations

(Updated: August, 2021)


  1. Raman, R., B, S., G, V. et al. Adoption of online proctored examinations by university students during COVID-19: Innovation diffusion study. Educ Inf Technol (2021). (Scopus, ACM, Springer Journal)


  1. Hooke, A., Vachharajani, H., Kaur, H., & Dow, K. E. (2020). Emerging Business and Trade Opportunities Between Oceania and Asia. IGI Global. http://doi:10.4018/978-1-7998-4126-5
  2. Subramanian, J., & Vachharajani, H. (2020) Medical Tourism: Trade and Business Opportunities Between Oceania and India. Emerging Business and Trade Opportunities Between Oceania and Asia, 179-197.


  1. Dhillon, A. S., & Vachharajani, H. (2019). Productivity Analysis of Coal-fired Thermal Power Plants in India Using Malmquist Index Approach. Global Business Review. (ABDC, Scopus, J-Gate)


  1. Raman, R., Vachharajani, H., & Achuthan, K. (2018). Students motivation for adopting programming contests: Innovation-diffusion perspective. Education and Information Technologies, 1-14. (Scopus, J-Gate)


  1. Singh, A., & Vachharajani, H. (2017). Analysis of Technical Efficiency of India’s State Power Distribution Utilities and Its Influence on Profitability. IIMS Journal of Management Science8(3), 265-283 (J-Gate)
  2. Beckett, R. C., & Vachhrajani, H. (2017). Transdisciplinary Innovation: Connecting Ideas from Professional and User Networks. Journal of Industrial Integration and Management2(04), 1750016. (Scopus)


  1. Oliver J. and Vachhrajani H. (2016), Encouraging participation through blended learning design, TEQSA and HES Higher Education Compliance and Quality (HECQ) Forum, Melbourne, 10-11/Nov/2016
  2. Cyril S. and Vachhrajani H. (2016), Implications of work on academic performance : a case study of international students in a private tertiary institution, TEQSA and HES Higher Education Compliance and Quality (HECQ) Forum, Melbourne, 10-11/Nov/2016
  3. Kaur H., and Vachhrajani H. (2016), A look into the ‘B’. Study of consumer’s buying preference in ‘B’ segment cars, XIth International Conference on Applied Business Research, Kasetsart University, Thailand, 05-09/Sept/2016
  4. Dhillon, A. S., & Vachhrajani, H. (2016). Restructuring India’s B-Segment Automobile Industry using Socio-Demographic and Psychological Factors. Research Bulletin42(2), 133-143.
  5. Dhillon, A. S., & Vachhrajani, H. (2016, March). Looking beyond the financial ratios through Data Envelopment Analysis. In Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT), International Conference on (pp. 2652-2656). IEEE. (Scopus)


  1. Vachhrajani, H. & Dhillon, A. S. (2014), “Measuring Technical Efficiency of Thermal Power Plant Using Data Envelopment Analysis”. In Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Interdisciplinary Advances in Applied Computing (ICONIAAC ’14). ACM, New York, NY, USA (Scopus)
  2. Dhillon, A. S., Vachhrajani, H. & Kaur, J. (2014), “Assessing the Operational Performance of Orissa Power Generation Corporation Limited through Slack Based Model” – International Statistical Institute Regional Statistics Conference 2014 (ISI-RSC 2014), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 16-19/Nov/2014.
  3. Vachhrajani Hardik, Subramanian Jearam, Shivdas Avinash, Gupta Bhumika (2014), Exploring the Sources of Innovation in Food Processing SMEs of Kerala, India, ICIMT 2014: International Conference on Innovation, Management and Technology, Paris, France
  4. Raman Raghu, Vachhrajani Hardik, Shivdas Avinash, Raman Prema (2014), Low-Cost Tablets as Disruptive Educational Innovation; Modeling its diffusion within Indian K12 System, 2014 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting and Innovation in Technology Conference, Providence, USA (Scopus)
  5. Kaur, J., Vachhrajani, H. & Dhillon, A. S. (2014), “Output Benchmarking of State Bank of India Using Data Envelopment Analysis” – International Conference on Technology And Business Management, organized by American University in the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), 24-26/March/2014.


  1. Couchman Paul, Beckett Ronald & Vachhrajani Hardik B. (2013),  Exploring the Social Dimensions of Innovation in Food Manufacturing SMEs,  The 6th ISPIM Innovation Symposium – Innovation in the Asian Century, Melbourne, Australia 8-11 December 2013.
  2. Dhillon, A. S., & Vachhrajani, H. (2013), “Impact of Operational Efficiency on Overall Profitability- A Case Study of GIPCL”, ICAI Research Bulletin, Vol. XXXVIII (ISSN: 2230-9241) December 2013, Pp. 1-12.
  3. Vachhrajani Hardik B. & Mandalia Kaushal (2013), Factors Affecting Sales Ethics for Life Insurance Sector of India – A Critical Review of Literature, Gujarat Technological University’s 3rd International Conference on “Business Ethics, Governance and Sustainable Enterprises”, Ahmedabad, India, 8-9/February/2013  (Recipient of ‘The Best Paper Award’ for the Conference)


  1. Vachhrajani Hardik B.  & Vachhrajani Bhadrayu V. (2010), Role of Universities in National Innovation System. The University News (Association of Indian University’s Journal of Higher Education),  Vol. 48 No. 44
  2. Vachhrajani Hardik B. (2010), N=1 The Case for Grounded Theory Research in Innovation, Real Innovation Insights, Vol. 4, No. 166,, WA
  3. Vachhrajani Hardik B. (2010), Innovations to elevate the most deserving: A stroll back to recent Indian experiences, 4th International Conference on Indicators and Concepts of Innovation (ICICI), 7-8/October/2010, Stuttgart, Germany
  4. Vachhrajani Hardik B. (2010), Crowdsoucing and Idea Generation: Analyzing various models and their implication, National Conference on Emerging Trends in professional management education in the knowledge economy in India, organized by International School of Management Excellence and Quality Council of India, 30/January/2010, Banglore  (Recipient of ‘The Best Paper Award’ for the Conference)


  1. Vachhrajani Hardik B. (2009), Impact of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System (QMS) Implementations on Small and Medium sized services organizations: A Critical Review of Literature’, International Conference on Service Quality organizational by NCQM and ITM, Mumbai, 16-17/February/2009, Mumbai 
  2. Vachhrajani Hardik B. (2009) Role of Non Technical Innovations in the growth of Engineering Industry, Engineering SME Cluster and Economy of Rajkot (India), 2nd International Conference on Indicators and Concepts of Innovation (ICICI 2008), Bern University of Applied Sciences in Co operation with Institute of Social Innovation, Berlin, 03-04/July/2008, Bern Switzerland. Conference proceedings published by Peter Lang Publishing Group (Recipient of Swiss National Science Foundation Grant of Swiss Francs 1500 )

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