Hardik Vachhrajani to visit Deakin University, Australia to study collaborative networks and innovation

Hardik Vachhrajani will visit Deakin University, Melbourn, Australia from 23/November/2012 to 8/December/ 2012 as part of cross national research project to understand collaborative networks and the innovation performance of SMEs.

The project is funded by Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organizations (CSaRO) of Deakin University. Hardik Vachhrajani will work with Deakin’s Prof. Paul Couchman who heads School of Management and Marketing.

Innovation is problematic for SMEs due to resource constraints. Collaboration networks have been proposed to address this problem, but have been little studied in Australia and India. The proposed study will address this knowledge gap by investigating the role that collaborative networks play in facilitating innovation within participating SMEs; said Hardik Vachhrajani while explaining the project in brief.

“The entire project team here is excited at Hardik’s visit and we all look forward to working with him”, said Prof. Nava Subramanian who heads CSaRO.

Deakin University is an Australian public university with nearly 40,000 higher education students in 2010. It receives more than A$600 million in operating revenue annually, and controls more than A$1.3 billion in assets. The University was named after the leader of the Australian federation movement and the nation’s second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin.