Hardik Vachhrajani appointed as Honorary Global Ambassador, India for Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI)


In June 2014, Pierre Coupet, Founder and Chairman of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI), USA appointed Hardik Vachhrajani as Honorary Global Ambassador, India on the Global Ambassadors Committee of  VOMI Global Think Tank and Advisory Board.

VOMI is the world’s leading and only global 100% virtual educational institute, think tank, professional association, certification and accreditation provider, and conference producer strictly dedicated to the modern virtual organization management discipline founded and pioneered by its founder since 1997.

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Hardik Vachhrajani, said a release by Pierre Coupet.

As global ambassador, Hardik will advise and council the chairman.  He will provide valuable insights to the chairman on virtual management issues from India in general and Asia Pacific in particular.  He will also advise on research, consulting and training aspect of the subject.